Custom Profiles

The following profiles are not stock items. We do not have samples available and only manufacture these items on a per order basis. Custom items also have a lead time associated with their production, currently we are working with a 2 week lead time. If you are looking for something in stock click here to view all our stock profiles. If you have looked at our stock mouldings and cannot find a match to your needs, the following contain every moulding we have made in our over sixty year history. Keep the file size in mind when opening these as they, depending on the speed of your computer, may take some time to load. If nothing here is a match we can also make an exact duplicate of your moulding from a sample or drawing. All custom work operates on the same lead time. Cost for a custom profile from scratch will cost more than a custom profile that we already have the cutter for due to the added labor of grinding the steel.


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