CAD Drawings DXF format

In addition to our stock moulding profiles, available in DXF form below, we also have a library of custom mouldings accrued over the years containing thousands of profiles. These profiles are available on a custom order basis. These mouldings cost less to manufacture than a custom profiles from scratch because the labor of grinding the steel has already been completed. These files require some form of CAD program to view them. If you don't have a CAD program you can view these profiles in PDF form by clicking here. You can also send a sketch of what your looking for to our sales department, allow us to search for you, and we'll send back our closest available matches. For design work you will be able to pull details right from our drawings and drop them into your own. If you have any problems importing and using these files please contact us. To get pricing on any of these custom profiles call us at 617 876 3250 or e-mail us at Please include the species you need the moulding manufactured in as well as the lineal footage you will need and we can give you a price right over the phone.

To download just click on the file you need.


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