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Since 1946 we have made the manufacture of quality lumber and millwork our first priority. We stock on our shelves  more than 200 different moulding profiles, and more than 20 different species of surfaced lumber. Bases, crowns, casings and more all available for same day pickup. The majority of our mouldings are available in solid poplar.  We also stock more than 40 profiles in other species like cherry, red oak, mahogany, fir, spanish cedar, and hard maple. All manufactured by us, on the finest equipment and held to the highest standard. WE ARE NOT MOULDING RESELLERS WE ARE FACTORY DIRECT. We have the  ability  to  manufacture  custom profiles to  your  specification  in  just  about  any  wood species. Matching  historic mouldings is our specialty. We are Located at 170 Fawcett St in Cambridge right by the Fresh Pond rotary. If  you have  any  questions  please  don't hesitate to contact us.

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